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Originally from Limousin, I settled in Bragelogne-Beauvoir in 1987, a village located at the southern end of Côte des Bar in the Champagne region. I grow there 2 ha 25 of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes but also truffle trees in organic farming. My work of the soil and the vines is translated daily in all my actions – the respect of the seasons, nature and its rhythm. To listen to nature quietly and with patience, to look at it and accompany it – just one word : TIME !

Éric Collinet

Le Terroir - Bragelogne-Beauvoir

Nested in the vineyards, the small hilly village of Bragelogne-Beauvoir is located in the canton of Riceys, south of the Côte des Bar in the Champagne region. The vineyard close to the wood and the fields reveal all the bucolic character of our region.
The clay-limestone soils from Kimmeridgian with a stratigraphic layer dating back to the Upper Jurrassic age, bring minerality to our wines.
The result is a salinity translating the past of our land.
Our soils are also favorable for the production of truffles.

Les Raisins - Pinot Noir et Chardonnay

The 2 ha 25 of vines are divided between Pinot Noir (83 %) and Chardonnay (17 %). The average age of the vines is 33 years, guaranteeing the quality of the grapes.
Situated on south/southeast exposed and slightly sloped land, up to 35 % for Chardonnay, each vine requires special care.
Certified organic farming, we practice also biodynamics on the vineyard.
Since winter 2018, we have started to introduce trees on our plots.
According to us, agroforestry presents a solution to the ecological and climatic problems.


We trust in a cooperation system with our Champagne wines.
This model guarantees quality, consistency and traceability in every step of the champagne making process.
Thanks to the common effort of our state-of-the-art production tools, and to a dedicated team of oenologists and winemakers, this system certifies all accreditations, organic certificate EcoCert, for us.
Some of the grapes are involved in the development of branded champagnes.


Our Champagne


Cuvée Temporis

In a glass of TEMPORIS Champagne,
you enter the time of a story.

Champagne extra-brut
98 % Pinot Noir – 2 % Chardonnay

Automn truffles


The Truffles

Diversifying our activities, creating an ecosystem and biodiversity on our farm here in the Champagne region has always been our quest. After a production activity of blackcurrant buds, my wife Martine and I decided to plant a field of truffle trees on our limestone soils in 2003. There are mycorhized trees such as oak trees, horbeam trees, hazel trees, black pines, lime trees, Atlas ceders and green oaks. The cultivation style is simple and healthy, no chemical input used. We let the plants follow their natural cycle and in doing so they protect the soil in summer from the effects of the sun and keep the moisture the truffle needs. Our terroir is perfect for the production of truffles but the climate changes and the repeated droughts make this harvest random.

The Burgundy truffle, Tuber uncinatum, which is also harvested in the Champagne region, is black ; its flesh, when ripe, is dark brown.
The veins are white and numerous. The nose is a very refined and specific perfume. On the palate, the taste is pleasant and close to that of a hazelnut.

The activity would not be possible without the work of our two faithful dogs : Fripouille is a eight years old Lagotto Romagnolo and Maya, a two and a half years old Golden.

Eric Collinet et ses chiens
Eric Collinet et ses chiens


Champagne Eric Collinet

Member of :

ACB - Association des Champagnes Biologiques
Association Auboise des truffes d'automne

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